Our Leadership


Gene Rowe, Jr.

Hello my name is Gene Rowe, Jr., Minister/Elder of Westward Church of Christ in Texas City, Texas and I am truly thankful to our heavenly Father for serving this great congregation. It is my goal, aim, and objective to preach Jesus Christ, and him crucified, and in doing so make known the whole counsel of God.

Support is necessary for being an effective minister, and I am thankful to God for my wonderful wife, Toni (Parker) Rowe and two beautiful children, Stephen, and Sarah. Their understanding and encouragement is a definite blessing in my life.

My belief is that in order for a congregation to be strong it must be effective in numerous areas, especially education, evangelism, and youth. I believe in participating in all areas of church work to demonstrate to the congregation its viability and necessity.

Our plea is unity and our guide is the bible, and you are always welcome to attend any, and all of our services. May God continue to richly bless your life is my prayer!


Kent Etienne, Sr.
Assistant Minister

Hello, I am Kent Etienne Sr., Assistant Minister of the Westward Church of Christ, where it has been an honor to serve in the ministry since 2003.  A native resident of Texas City, TX.  I now reside in Friendswood along with my wife, Miriam (Lockett) Etienne.  I am a graduate of LaMarque High School and Lamar University. My work career includes employment as an adjunct instructor at San Jacinto College since 2016; and retired Safety Engineer after 31 years of employment with Occidental Chemical Corp. (2022).

Family: I am the son of of the (late) Raymond and Juanita Etienne. To me and my wife’s  union we have been blessed with three sons, Kent Jr. (Samantha), Justin, and Seth (Andreah). The joy of our lives surrounds five energetic grandchildren.

Spiritual Goals: My spiritual goals continue to be to encourage fellow Christians and to teach others to accept the inspiration of the Holy Bible; to respect and honor Almighty God as Creator of heaven and earth and to obey the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Edward Williams, Sr.

Hello, I am Edward Calvin Williams Sr. a native resident of Galveston, TX. I currently reside in Texas City. I attended GISD and was a graduate of Ball High School in Galveston, TX. I attended College of the Mainland, and graduated from of Galveston College/UTMB.  I worked for UTMB Hospital for 29 years before retiring in January 2008.

Family: Edward is the son of Renetter Williams and the (late) Aaron Williams. He has three brothers John, Arthur and Herbert Williams. Edward is happily married to Faye L. Brown Williams and to their union they have been blessed with a son and a daughter, Edward Calvin Williams Jr. and Sharonda Y. Williams-Lane (Christopher).  Edward and Faye have been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren.

Spiritual Goals: To become a better Christian and encourage non Christians to become Christians while helping Christians to stay faithful to Christ. To have heaven as my home and also help others to better understand the will of God as it applies to them.  Edward currently serves as one of the elders here at Westward Church of Christ where he teaches the word of GOD and oversees the congregation.

Chester Bennett, III

Hello, my name is Chester Bennett III, a native resident of La Marque, Texas. I currently reside in League City, TX. I attended LMISD and is a graduate of La Marque High School. I was employed with AT &T as a Network Technician for 35 years and retired in 2012.

Family: Chester has 6 siblings and is the son of (late) Doris and Chester Bennett Jr. He is happily married to his wife Debra and together they have 3 children, Natasha, Andrea, and Chester IV (Sparkle).  Chester and Debra are also the proud grandparents of 8 beautiful grandchildren.

Spiritual Goals: To be helpful and watchful for the body of Christ at Westward that all members may reach their potential goals as Christians.  Chester currently serves as one of the deacons here at Westward Church of Christ and helps with the finances, teaches, and song leader when needed.


Glenn Letroise
Hello, my name is Glenn Letroise, a native resident of Galveston, Texas. I currently reside in La Marque, TX and am a graduate of La Marque High School. I studied business and communication classes at College of the Mainland in Texas City, TX. I was employed by Schilli Corp. as a truck driver for 23 years before retiring in 2019.

Family: He is the son of Amos LeTroise and Geraldine (LeTroise) Watkins. His step-father is Ben Watkins. Together he has 7 siblings. Glenn is happily married to his wife Billie M. LeTroise and to their union they were blessed with 2 daughters, Tammie (Jacob) and Tiffany (Michael).  Glenn and Billie have two beautiful grandchildren.

Spiritual Goals: Glenn’s spiritual goals are to just “plainly serve” the body of Christ in his best capacity.  Glenn currently serves as one of the deacons here at Westward  helping with the young adults bible classes and adult classes when needed.